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What do you think?

What kind of spaces inspire you, what kind of spaces enable you to create?


As a part of the Creative Spaces project we did an online questionnaire in order to find out more about what young people think and need, to examine if there would be some major subjects, some mutualities in opinions and needs of young people across Europe. 

We started the online questionnaire during 2016, we asked some multiple choice questions, some scale (definately not to definately yes), and some open questions. Once again we want to express our gratefulness to everybody who took the time and helped us with their input. Thank you! This questionnaire was a small scale one, with 426 participants, but we did get some interesting results that strongly inspired and influenced our output. Here is the extract of our survey results that we want to share with you. To view the final result of our project please view


Amount: 426
Origin: Belgium, France, Croatia, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland
Age: 60% younger then 24 years, 22% 25-29 years, 18% 30 years and older
Sex: 65% female, 32% male, 1% others, 2% no answer
Backgrounds: about. 18% direct migrant backgrounds, percentage rising with age
Place of residence: very similar results for all age groups: around 70% live in city areas
Level of education: all together well educated. in older groups about 75% academics. group 20-24 years old 58% academics
Prosperity: impression of middle class majority clear dependance between migrant background and wealth; migrants generally less wealthy


Would you say you are a cultural active person? 
uite similar answers from all age groups, here an example:
- definitely not or rather not  15 %
- don't know, hard to say  25%
- rather yes or definitely yes  60%

What places do you go to taking part in cultural life?
All age groups very similar answers - clear tendency to institutional stuff / theaters, museums etc.

Who or what inspires you?
imilar answers on all age groups, here the succession:
1. Friends
2. Artists / Nature
3. Teachers, scientists / family
4. famous people

What are your talents?
ere the top-lists for two youngest age groups:
Age group 15-19: 1. Social intelligene - 2. Music - 3. Being creative - 4. Dancing - 5. Writing / organisation / drawing - 6. Intelligence - 7. Cooking.
Age group 20- 24: 1. Music - 2. Dancing - 3. Drawing - 4. Sports - 5. Writing - 6. Social intelligence - 7. Handcrafts

What could help you to develop your talents?
ere the top-lists for two youngest age groups:
Age group 15-19: 
1. time - 2. expirience, practice, classes - 3. inspirationg people - 4. selfconfidence
Age group 20-24: 1. workshops, praxis, courses - 2. time / inspiring people - 3. peacefull environment - 4. best practices / freedom / arts, works, music - 5. financial support

How do you prefer to learn?  
"Learning per doing" is clear top answer in all age groups

What could school do better for you?
"More practice" is clear top answer in all age groups

Reasons to take part in voluntary work. Here the top-lists for age group 15-24 years:
1. maybe if there was something nearby
2. if my friends would do it, maybe I would do It too
3. don't know, never thought about this
4. nothing, have no interest in such a thing
Quite a few open answers on this question meaning "I would do it if it would really make sense"



I feel able to do really big and important things in the future
- more than 50% answers on "yes" side,
- difference due to age - older people more optimistic then the younger
- difference due to sex - males generally more optimistic
- difference due to wealth - wealthy people more optimistic
- difference due to interests - culturally active people more optimistic

I see myself as an active part of society 
- around 60% positive, rising with age
- culturally active persons clearly more on "yes" side

I will use my talents to earn money
- clear differences due to wealth - people from not that wealthy countries strongly on "yes" side
- clear difference due to sex - males much more (over 20% more) on "yes" side


What would you expect from such a space?
ere the top-lists for two youngest age groups: 
Age group 15-19: 1. low costs - 2. connections to different people - 3. availability / flexible opening hours - 4. cool spot (location, design) - 5. for all cultures
Age group 20-24: 1. low costs - 2. availability / flexible opening hours - 3. for all cultures - 4. connections to different people - 5. cool spot 

What should be offered in such a place?
imilar answers in all age groups, here the top-list with interessting differences due to age
1. art and culture
2. workshops / craft, practical
3. support for projects - getting more important with age
4. guidance
5. sports - difference at age group 15-19: sports beeing number 1. answer

What would be a perfect creative place?
ere some quotes on this open question:
"Soms heb ik het gevoel dat 24 uur in 1 dag niet volstaan" / I need more than 24 hours in one day.
"Druženje s kreativnim ljudima" / Socializing with creative people.
"Structure, some guidance"
"Fairness, Spaß, Kreativität" / Fairness, fun, creativity.
"I don't really know. A place where I can be myself."
"Vise slobodnog vremena od obaveza." / More free time than obligations. 
"Ein Raum, 20 Stühle, 20 Menschen, etwas zu trinken, Kommunikation, Rest ergibt sich." / One room, 20 chairs, 20 people, something to drink, communication, the rest will follow.
"Calm, non-judgmental"
"Aufgeräumt, gemütlich, leise" / Cleaned up, cozy, quiet
"Prostor u kojem bi se mogla izraziti svoje talente na specifičan način. Doduše, nisam toliko kreativna da bih to mogla sada objasniti." / Space where i could express my talents in a specific way. Though, I am not that creative to be able to explain it at this point.

Is there an example of such a place?
Yes                  26.67% 
No                    72.22%

We did get some examples of "perfect" Creative Spaces. Please view  to check them.


Creative Spaces - Home page

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